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How early can we arrive for my party?

You can arrive 15 minutes before the start of your party.

The party comes with party supplies. For open tables it includes the happy birthday cake plates, spoons, and napkins. If you order food for the open tables, you will also get happy birthday food plates. If you get a party room, you will get table cloths, happy birthday food and cake plates, napkins, spoons, and balloons. You are more than welcome to bring in any additional decorations. Just no pinatas, nothing to hang on the wall, and not confetti.

10% Service charge does not go to the Party Host. Guets are more than welcome to tip their host depending on the service they receive.

There is no outside food or drinks allowed to be brought into our facility. We do have a full function café that you are able to order from.

You can bring in any of those options to replace the cake.

It will be kept in your open table space, or your private party room.

Cancellation must be done within 72 of party in order for your nonrefundable deposit to be applied to a future party.

Yes, they both come with a host to assist you throughout your party.

All parties cover a minimum of 10 jumper. This count does include the birthday child.

Depending on what package you get, there is a different fee for additional children.

No, any age for the birthday parties counts as a spot in the party.

Anyone who wants to jump and get everything in the package that the other kids are receiving is counted as an extra child.

No, there is no age limit for anyone to be apart of the packages! Any age can participate!

When you book any packages, you will receive digital ones. We also have paper ones you can come pick up if you want your kids to pass them out. Feel free if it is a themed party to make invitations according to the theme to pass out.

The waivers can be completed online or here at Flip Factory.

The waivers are liability forms that allow you to participate in our attractions here at Flip Factory.

Private room upgrade is $60. Remove last two sentences and replace with (We now have a partnership with Papa Johns. Each large pizza serves 4-5 kids at 8 slices per pizza.)

$60. You will receive two large pizzas and two pitchers of soda. Each additional pizza through Papa Johns is $16.99.

We need the final food order by 48 in advanced. For the headcount, we suggest a final number when I make the final call the week of the party. No need to worry though because we are always prepared for more kids to show up the day of your party.

The kids will jump for the first hour of the party, then will be called back over the microphone to the open table or private room to do the food and cake for the last 30 minutes of the room or table time. After that they will have a remaining 30 minutes to return to play.

If the deposit is not put down 24 hours after booking, the party will be cancelled.

You can book a party whenever you would like, but we highly suggest booking your party 2 weeks in advanced to get the time and date you prefer.

We do not have a maximum amount of guest you can have.

The deposit is 100 dollars and is taken out of the final price of your party.

If your child is gluten-intolerant, please contact the birthday party coordinator by email and discuss what can be brought in.

We have a section for kids 6 and under to jump in. They are not obligated to stay in that area. They can do anything that you feel comfortable letting them do.

You can book a party any day of the week!

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